Ambe Eco Panel Heater Features

Low Running Cost
Most space heaters consume at least 1000W but an Ambe Eco Panel Heater warms a room consuming as little as 425W. An energy saving of 80%! With running costs as low as 4p per hour* the Ambe Eco Panel Heater is designed to keep energy bills as low as possible. *Based on an electricity cost of 10p per kW per hour.

Super Slim Design
Ambe Eco Panel Heaters are super slim, sleek and stylish. At 600mm x 600mm and only 12mm thick and 30mm from the wall, they take up much less space than traditional wall heaters.

Built-in Thermostat
For convenience and as an extra energy saving feature, Eco Panel Heaters come with a built-in thermostat meaning the heater will only turn on when extra warmth is needed. When the room has reached the desired temperature the Eco Panel Heater from Green Comfort will turn off and save electricity.


Easy Install
The Ambe Eco Panel Heater from Green Comfort is incredibly easy to install due to its patented single strip mounting and can be done in less than two minutes. Needing only a drill and screwdriver, anyone can install the Eco Panel Heater simply, safely and quickly.

The Eco Panel Heater can be painted* the same colour as the wall so it blends seamlessly into the decor of the room.  (*Only use water based paint - no oil based paints)


The Eco Panel heater is guranteed for 1 year.